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J Barrett Irby Jr
Isn't hindsight wonderful? /the stuff I stuck on there is not tape. It does not have paper or fabric reinforcing in it. It did not dawn on me that there was no way to peel it off until it was too late. The guy at 3M was pretty funny, he gave it thought and check his research and checked with his fellows and finally said It's not designed to come off.

I went on YouTube and found lots of videos on "10 Things Not to do pouring epoxy". Most of them mentioned Do not try to tape off the bottom. Lots of people said to build a form and flood it top and bottom and just get it over with. At the cost of epoxy I could not stand that idea. That looks like a better idea now.

I could have poured a 1/2" of 2 hour stuff in the bottom and then topped it off with the good stuff.

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