4" wood carving grinder *LINK*

Tom Dunlap
I've got a couple of large ash tree pieces that I need to debark. I cut an old brush chipper knife in half to make a debarking drawknife. It works but is slow and brutal on hands, wrist and shoulders.

Years ago I bought one of the original chainsaw-tooth discs. Its made from a stamped piece of metal with chainsaw tooth shapes on the edge. That think terrifies me...and I made my living as an arborist for 45 years. I wonder if the knew versions with low profile safety chain are any less likely to kick back.

There are other grinders with bits of carbide, teeth or nubbins of tungsten carbide.

THe bark is thick and the pieces large. Debarking is going to be a chore so I'm looking for a good...and safe...way of hogging the bark off.

Does anyone have experience with any of these devices. Take a look at this selection from Banggoods.


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