The patron Saint of us ignorant people

J Barrett Irby Jr
Some of you know I have been posting about make a slab table and filling some of the voids with Epoxy. Here's your chance to spot my mistakes. I put a sheet of plastic like you see on commercial bathroom walls under it in case it leaked, knowing the epoxy does not stick to HDPE. I had some Butyl Rubber tape that can be used to seal skylights and the like. I taped the bottom of all the cracks with this super sticky gooey stuff. Poured in the epoxy. The type that takes as much as 48 hours to gel. It started leaking. I put on a bunch of clamps. Sat a pitcher under each of the tow laces it was draining out. Once and hour I would go to the shop and pour whatever was in the pitchers back into the cracks. Even got up at 4 am for one last attempt and then gave up.

Anybody spot the two mistakes?

Yesterday I turned the slab over and tried to remove the plastic. Tried being the operative word. Epoxy may not stick to HDPE but it bonds ferociously to whatever that stuff was I had. And it never occurred to me how hard it was going to be to get the butyl rubber off. Its not meant to come off. I spent hours picking at it. Tried scrapers. Chisels. Heated it with a heat gun. chilled it with ice. Called 3M Technical, not help. They tried but had nothing.

I spent hours. Two days. Got the white plastic off with a heat gun and a chisel. Finally occurred to me to oil the chisel to keep it from sticking to the butyl rubber and peeled it off.

So my patron Saint is Upid.

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