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Jack Dover
I have built a tilted rack. I have trust issues with magnets, so to prevent planes from a crash on a concrete floor I made these "braces" at the toe, where you push a toe first and then is slides a 1/4" back. A shelf, even a basic one, not only protects from dust, but it also seems to help with rusting, probably by slowing changes in humidity down - I have noticed there's less flash rusting once I've started putting tools in boxes or behind closed doors. Could be important if you're living in a high humidity area.

But if I would have enough space and a proper shop I would just do a tray (or several) lined with a piece of oiled carpet somewhere within my arm reach. They're called bench planes for a reason apparently and out of all features of rack and shelves the most important one is how fast can you garb a plane and then put it back. I think I would find most of the tills from pictures just annoying, they would require me carefully pulling a plane and putting it back would have be even more careful. So all those shoestring loops, mobile tills, holster like holders, etc. - they seem to be just for show

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