Making a flag case quick question...

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
A friend recently asked if I would make a flag case for their grandfather who was a WWII vet. I said of course. So I put my bookcase project to the side to do it.

I'm using mostly scrap pieces of cherry from my bookcase build.

So I quickly made the case as shown below. I plan to glue it to a base with a simple routed detail. The piece of ~1/4" cherry ply will be screwed into a rebate for the back.

Simple question, I've never made anything like this before, should I put splines or something in the mitered corners? I don't think it is necessary, but thought I'd ask because I recall conversations on here about these flag cases.

Oh, and I realized my Delta tenoning jig that I bought in 1999 or 2000 and have used maybe once or twice, is not meant to be used with a table saw where the blade tilts to the left... :b


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