It's delivered....

Barry Irby
My friend came and got it and was pleased. He agreed to prime it thoroughly.

This had a bull nose on it and I had no cutter even close to the right size. So, it started as a piece 7" wide and 2 3/8" thick. I took the old one as a pattern and laid it on the table saw with the blade tilted to 45 degrees. Moved the fence until the pattern touched the blade. Sawed the new piece form both sides. Reduce the tilt of the blade and fit the pattern and repeated sawing the blank. Rinse and repeat about five times, ending up with a faceted edge. Knocked every ridge off with and block plane and then sanded with a ROS. Took less time to do it that to type the explanation. Put the bull nose on the ends with the disk sander and eyeballed it.

My friend commented he does not expect to be in the house more than two years and was certain it would last that long. I admitted I was concerned about the paint sticking to the cedar and his answer was he would just paint it again before putting the house on the market.

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