Re: Dangers of little plastic drawer ornganizers

Jason Roehl
I had a similar, though smaller-scale disaster. I have a large tool chest for my automotive tools. It is packed to the brim. It’s the size that, when fully loaded, is heavy enough that I can only carry it about 20 feet, and I’m fairly fit and strong. Anyway, it locks the drawers when the top lid is shut, and it can then be padlocked, but I never do because it lives in my garage. I took it to a friend’s house to help on a vehicle, and he lives down a long, pot-hole-ridden gravel lane. I left in a little bit of a hurry, not minding the pot-holes, or the fact that the bouncing and jarring would be enough for the lid to pop up and the drawers to open. The tools had been neatly arranged in the drawers...I’m not convinced everything made it home due to the toolbox’s proximity to the bent tailgate of my truck at the time (2” gap in the center at the bottom of the shut tailgate).


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