You have hit on the underlying question....

Barry Irby
For floor joists, I liked the glycol and the idea that it might combine with the borate for a sort of two part poison and as a penetrant. And, experience showed that it worked, was harmless to the occupants of the house and odorless.

For lumber I m going to make furniture out of, I am skeptical. I don't want the poisonous kind of glycol around me or my pets. And I have no idea what the effect is on the chemistry of woodworking. Does either the glycol or borate have an effect on gluing things? How about on the finish?

OTOH, I have the remnants of a pile of white oak and the sap wood has been chewed up pretty badly. I am concerned the bugs will move on to my other lumber even if it is less tasty.

I believe I will get some TimBor, the powdered version, and use that. My understanding is it leaves a white residue on the surface and does not penetrate far into the wood, but basically kills the insects on the way in or way out. I'm thinking the milling/stock prep part will eliminate it and it is relatively harmless to humans.

I appreciate any help on this.

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