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David Bassett

I thought of Hotspots too.

When I last looked (quickly) I found only plans that assumed a consistent monthly usage and did their best to lock you in. Our usage is very sporadic, a lot when we travel and nothing while we're home. Plus the Hotspot devices offered were less capable (number of connections & battery life) than the one we were rented in Ireland.
(The US carrier's devices were all much less capable than the newest Huawei models. But you don't seem to be allowed to bring your own device and I didn't want to end up on a US list for being a Huawei customer.)

As I recall we paid $100 for 3 weeks of 10GB 4G LTE data per day for 3 weeks as a short term rental on our families trip. The hotspot device provided was an older model and limited to 5 users and about 4 hours of run time. (But chargers on our tour bus and a external backup battery took care of that easily.) I don't know of an equivalent service available in the US or we'd probably use it for domestic trips.

As it stands we can use our cell phones as hotspots with unlimited 2G data on our current plan and that's the best option for us. (2G is plenty to sync a Nook / Kindle or download an occasional map or travel guide to a tablet. It'd suck for full Internet access, e.g. streaming movies or something.)

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