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Barry Irby
They (Nissus) claim the glycol will carry the borate into the center of a 12" by 12" beam IIRC. I have seen other information that indicates the glycol alone will discourage insects.

The BoraCare (glycol and borate) was the development that put and end to having to tent and gas houses for powder post beetles.

The stuff was effective enough to penetrate deeply enough to kill severe infestations. When I was doing Home Inspections I routinely found PPB infestations in certain parts of town. I told people that if your termite guy did not report them, he missed them and get a better termite guy. In fact some companies removed them from their contracts. We had Termite Companies, Wood Destroying Insect Companies, and Wood
destroying Organism Companies. The first one ONLY reported on Termites, ignoring PPB's, Carpenter Ants and Bees, and Fungi. The Second ignored fungi and the last group reported on all of them. Their were some really bummed out people that discovered they had thousands in damage from PPB's and maybe $20K in rot.

I will get some more Boracare. Probably not the time to cheap out.

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