Boron Chemistry

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Boron chemistry is boggling complex. The good news is that any of the things you can buy that contain boron will prevent the bugs from digesting cellulose and that deficiency kills them. So, what is so special about the wood treatment form of boron? In a word, solubility. The other boron chemicals are not very soluble. Hence, a manufacturer can not make a concentrated solution to ship and be diluted by the customer.

I have no idea the purpose of the glycol. Maybe it enhances penetration.

It is easy (for a chemist) to make the soluble form from the right combination of borax and boric acid and a bit of "cooking". That is how I avoid the expense of buying the timber treatment stuff.

The soluble form is sold for agriculture use. You might find it at some ag supplier if there is soil boron deficiency in your area. Apples need it but you are not in apple country.

Spray your wood with a persistent insecticide instead of boron. Stuff for termites and ants will probably work.

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