Mesh system
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A.J. Hamler
It might not be economical to outright replace what you have right now, but when the day comes that you need to replace your router, consider getting a mesh system.

Unlike extenders (that are essentially separate auxiliary routers linked to your main router), these are a single router system with satellites that you place around your home for full coverage to create a “mesh” that goes everywhere, with full strength everywhere. This is what airports and malls use. I think the Velop system that Mike mentioned above is one of these.

These typically come with a main unit, plus one or two satellites (although you can add as many as you want), and you place them strategically. I have a Netgear Orbi system with one satellite. The main unit is in our entertainment center near the front of the house upstairs, and the satellite is in my office in the basement at the very back of the house. The mesh covers the entire house with no dead zones or drop outs. I’m very satisfied and it was worth every penny.


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