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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
It seems to have become the trend in furniture seen an galleries, and copied by hobbiests, that it is the artistic attributes of the wood in the "furniture" and not so much about the attributes of the form or construction that define the piece. The skill exhibited is wood selection and composition and not a well installed hinge, for example.

The small mills that supply raw material must love this fashion. They can turn firewood logs into handsome profits. For someone that sold high grade hardwood lumber it all looks like pallet wood gussied up to look like furniture. I wonder at the staying power of live edges, bow ties, and huge knots. Will the novelty of mineral filled epoxy in your dining room table wear off?

I have difficulty valuing it because it looks to be assembled with little woodworking skills- fancy wood for a door that opens with a European kitchen cabinet hinge as seen in galleries. The artistic component eludes my ability to appreciate this value added, but that is my shortcoming, not the artist's. .

I never got much from Krenov's musings but one thing stuck. He advocated the design should look attractive made from the plainest wood. A lot I see in galleries and emulated by hobbiests doesn't meet this goal.

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