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Liz Fleming

It wouldn't be for profit persay - but if I found an interested party and they could offset the cost of having to take a tree down (as in the case of the Willow Oak) then every little bit helps.

It has been interesting working with our preferred tree company - Tru Timber. They were great with experimenting when we took the tree down and cut those great cookies for me. And the discount for them not having to remove the massive trunks paid for the on site milling. So we aren't out of pocket for the process as the Willow had to come down to protect the house (it was on the way out) so that $ was budgeted.

The persimmon came down on its own so the only cost there is the milling - which is less expensive than having the tree company come out and clean it up. (We staff took that on)

I am taking a 'nothing ventured' attitude. I truly appreciate the group giving any and all advice.

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