OK, so I made two....

Barry Irby
Pick up a scrap of MDF and cut a somewhat random bowtie pattern in it. A little asymmetrical, but good enough to make a trial run.

In a scrap of oak I cut out the pocket using a 3/8" spiral bit and a 1/2" bushing. Then cut the bow tie out of a piece of walnut using a 1 1/4" bushing. Beveled the bottom edges with a chisel, slathered on some Titebond, pounded it home and clamped it. Came back and rant the piece through the planer, sanded it a bit and Bob's your uncle.

When I bought my Festool router at and estate sale I got a Lee Valley inlay set with it, except there is no 1/8" bit. Hmmm, I may have to order one.

I decided to try a different combination and used a 1/4" spiral bit with a 1/2" and 1" bushing. The 3/8" bit created a lot of sawdust and required some stopping and starting to clean up the sawdust and keep the pattern empty and clean. The 1/4" bit was too long and chattered and howled. Less sawdust, but the chatter or whip created a problem. The bowtie is loose, probably 1/100" all the way around. I glued it in with some epoxy just to see what it will look like but it may be too undersized.

The 1/4" bit was probably too long. I may try again with a shorter bit.

I was intimidated by having to either cut the corners square by hand of round over the corners of the bowties. I chopped the corners square and it turned out to be easy.

Thanks for the help.

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