turning logs into product
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Persimmon ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I remain skeptical that lumber from the logs shown can be sold at a profit. As best I can tell they look low grade and as such will yield only short sections of clear lumber and lots of knots and other defects. This kind of lumber is not in high demand even if it was walnut. While someone may claim that an "arty" board of knots and other defects would make a table top finding enough of these customers could be difficult. My pessimism for getting a profit from these logs is no doubt colored by the fact that our company had 50 bdft of persimmon in inventory for two decades and never was able to sell it, even at cost. You are going to learn that milling the logs and selling the result is not easy.

However, the thought of turning the tree into product the museum could sell has potential if a marketable product and a person to make it can be found.

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