Re: What is acceptable Moisture content for Rosewo

David Weaver
at 13% (if it's actually that through and through), it shouldn't shrink much more, but even if it did, that should be accounted for when building furniture.

The real questions are two:
* is it that dry through and through
* if it's exposed to a dry winter or a dry climate, will it check or crack

There's not a lot of older rosewood that isn't cracked - it doesn't age that well.

Beech comes to mind as a wood that checks easily, but of the rosewood and cocobolo planes I've built, beech doesn't do much cracking if it's sealed with wax. The cocobolo planes (even when I've had the blanks for years before building them) will still eventually crack, and it's fairly common to find cracks and gaps in older infill planes. That stuff can be filled and finished over with shellac, etc, but eventually it will become loose.

I've bought a fair amount of true rosewoods for planes and guitar parts and I'm not sure that I've seen anything as delivered more dry than 13% - most of it looks like it was partially dried and then sealed on the ends. But, again, I'm wondering what furniture actually under 13%.

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