Re: What is acceptable Moisture content for Rosewo

Sgian Dubh
Not true. Rosewood, like all wood, will vary in moisture content dependent upon the sustained relative humidity (RH) conditions it experiences. So, lower RH conditions equate to lower wood moisture content (MC), and higher RH results in higher MC. RH, however, in normal conditions such as a habitable building is dynamic and therefore forever changing, even by the hour, by the day and seasonally, so like all wood species the MC of wood gradually changes as RH changes.

Typically, all wood species within climate controlled habitable buildings vary in MC by about 5 or 6 percentage points over the seasons, usually between about 7-8% MC and perhaps 12-13% MC. Alternative conditions result in a different range of MC percentage points, e.g., wood in dry but unheated or intermittently heated sheds, workshops or outbuildings are likely to vary in MC at higher percentage points, e.g., maybe 10-12% MC to perhaps 15-17% MC. It all depends on the circumstances, but certainly rosewood can and does get drier than 13% MC. Slainte.

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