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William Duffield
His obituary read “Crushed by stack of unopened priority mail packages.”
LOL! At least, we’re woodworkers. If we were metal workers, it would take a much smaller pile.

I can’t count the number of times this has happened to me.
It usually starts with a small puzzle, something like this?
What tool can I use to get this operation done?
Oh, I know! I think I’ve got one of those around here somewhere.
Where do I keep it?
Nope, not there.
Nope, not there, either.
Nope, not there, either.
Maybe I left it out on the workbench?
Nope, not there either.
On the table saw? Nope!
On the radial arm saw? Nope!
On the router table? Nope!
Maybe it’s in that box I put everything it the last time someone showed up to get something built or repaired, and I put everything that was out on the bench in it.
Nope, not there either. Maybe, next time I come out here to put ten things away, I should start with this box.
A couple of hours later, and I still can’t find it anywhere.
Who would have taken it?
Nobody would even know what it is, much less how to use it, and especially what I’m using it for.
Did I leave it in the house on my desk next to my iMac? Nope.
Did I take it to a meeting or a show? Nope.
Did I sell it because I didn’t think I would need it again? No, that would never happen. In fact, I can think of a few tools I thought I had sold, but found again later. So far, the biscuit jointer has not shown up, so I’m sure I sold it.
I’ll just order another one.
Put it on the To Do List.
A week or so later, a package lands on the back porch.
I don’t remember ordering anything from these people.
I carry it out to the shop and open it.
Oh, yeah! Now I remember.
Where am I going to keep this, so I’ll know where to find it the next time I need it?
There aren’t a lot of places to put new tools in this crowded shop.
But, I think I know just the place for it. I might even be able to make room for it.
I walk over to the cabinet and open the drawer.
There is already one of them in there.

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