Re: Bordering on OT but a good story

I, too, have set off my Saw Stop a couple times...once when cutting some foil backed ceiling tile and once when my thumb was sitting in a knothole of a board I was resawing. But this is about the OT comments, especially AZ's. Back in the early seventies I tried for a few years to get into medical school but with only a B average was having no luck. One day I was cutting up a tree that had fallen in our yard and was using a branch saw. I was holding a branch below the Y and cutting toward my fingers and thought to myself just as it happened, "when it cuts through the Y its gonna cut my finger." Well when I was talking to the ER Doc who was sewing up my finger about my frustrated desire to attend medical school he gave me info about someone in NYC who had some connections with foreign medical schools. Fast forward to two years in Mexico (and study sessions with some great guys as the first two years are mostly read and memorize), then two years at Albany Medical College and almost 40 years of rewarding medical practice... Whenever I look at the scar on my finger I appreciate what I had to go through to get to where I am today!

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