Jeopardy for Seniors....
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I have lost my Away.... ()

Barry Irby
I hear they are coming out with Jeopardy for Seniors with categories like, What did I come in here for?, Where did I leave my glasses, Didn't I eat the same thing for lunch?, What kind of soup is on my shirt?, and Where is the last place you appeared with your fly open?

There could be a Wood Workers night with, Where is my pencil?, Which is my sharp chisel?, Did I leave my hammer at your house?, How much sand paper do you really need, Why are my tools rusting?, And which neighbor do I call to hold the board?

It is absolutely true that the lost item will reappear after you buy the replacement, but only after you open it and use it so you can't take it back. You can't trick the lost tool gods by just ordering one or buying one and leaving it in the package.

I have at least a truck load of stuff I am reasonably sure I will never use, but I MIGHT. The only way to know for sure is to give it away, sell it, or throw it away. Selling it only works if you sell it for about a tenth of the retail cost of the replacement you will need soon.

Walking around on lumber scraps I should throw away only makes me taller, right?

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