Hot glue/clamping bock question

Barry Irby
I was assembling a mitered joint to create a flared leg. The joint had four dominoes in it. I tried hot gluing a piece of wood about 5/8" square and two inches long onto both pieces of each piece with the idea of applying clamps across the joint to pull it together. Didn't work. At least one glue block failed at each side of each leg. I was using spring clamps. Fortunately, bar clamps did work, but it was frantic for a few minutes.

So, I think I did it wrong. I should have had the glue blocks on the edge of the leg and rail, cut to an angle to let the clamp get a grip, I think?

The second part of the question is what to use for hot glue. I read some of it is for Arts and Crafts and some has industrial applications. I used whatever was in the gun and applied it and clamped it in place. So, Does anyone get good use out of hot glue and what type do you use?

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