Re: Summary of Unicorning results on table build

Barry Irby
This is good to hear.

In an effort to put off building the giant console for my son I decided to sharpen everything I own whether it needed it or not. I used the 3M film with diamonds on one side. Ranging from 300 git to something like 60,000. Whatever it is you can't tell which side the diamonds are on by feeling it, you sharpen on the side that has no sheen.

At the time I was unaware of the Unicorn Phenomenon.

My planes and chisels are much sharper than they have ever been and are a joy to use. The next time I sharpen them I will attempt the Unicorn edge.

I am agonizing over buying a CBN wheel for my grinder and adding that to my arsenal. And a diamond plate. If things get any sharper around here, somebody is going to loose an eye.

Thank you for posting. I highly recommend sharper tools. Is there a summary of the Unicorn process?

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