Re: Preferences for roller stands versus ball bear

Barry Irby
Many years ago I savaged a bunch of wooden rollers out of and ancient treadmill. I made three frames and put six or seven rollers in each. One is to the right of my RAS, One is an out feed for my TS and one is the out feed for my drum sander. The one at the TS can easily be moved to the infeed position on the drum sander if I am feeding really long stock.

As far as it leading the stock in the wrong direction, I use that feature to my advantage. I give the one on the TS about a five degree twist toward the fence. Works nicely to keep the outfeed end against the fence.

I also have several of the flip top ones and can choose balls or rollers. The balls work well on the planer that has a stationary bed height. The balls are useless for the jointer, but the rollers work fairly well. So I would say, get the flip top type and choose what works best for each machine.

Two other thoughts....saw a fellow developing a sort of long drooping lip or tongue for his that would catch the sagging board and lift it to the roller.

And, If I decide to marry again I am going to bring my beloved to Bill's shop and get his wife to train her. If she doesn't catch on pretty quick, no deal, she's out and I will start the search all over.

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