I think it goes more like this:

Grant Smith
"Stuff expands to MORE THAN fill the available space"

And a follow on modern version "The available shop space is inversely proportional to the proximity and quality of a good tool auction".

I learned early on to think in the third dimension when finding places to stash things. Problem is, I have perhaps maxed out my ability to remember what is found in each 3d space. This condition makes things hard to find, but the corollary is every hunt is like finding a treasure, too (what was I looking for?). This can only get worse as age creeps up on me.

Ahh, well. As I tell my kids when they look sideways at a new find "Just think of the estate sale you will have when I'm gone!". Or its shorter version uttered at the store when I decide to buy something I probably don't need "It'll go great at the estate sale!".


Grant in Iowa

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