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Barry Irby
David, I think you are correct. If I had known of the tracks and wheels, I probably would have used them. As it is, I think I am going to tune up what I have and go with it. Frankly, I suspect these doors will get so little use it really does not matter.

The one door I installed the little pads or shoes on slides better than the other. I think I will either cut away part of the bottom edge in a very slight arc to leave two limited contact pads or glue on little pads of very had wood (Osage Orange maybe.) The grain in the door is horizontal so either of these will be easy.

I am fascinated with the tracks and wheels and may get some to play with. It's the drawer runner Vs old fashioned wood on wood construction conundrum. There are no fine antique chests of drawers that had mechanical runners. Oh, Wait, they had not been invented. Could it be they were invented to solve a problem? Maybe Goddard or Chippendale would have used both of these if they had them.

Thanks for the help.

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