Re: Bordering on OT but a good story

William Duffield
That's why I always use a "boat" to push stock through a jointer. One might argue that if the stock could "disappear" then the boat could too,and then where would your fingers be? To minimize that possibility, I make the "boat" in the shape of a wooden try plane, with a knob and a tote, and thick enough that the jointer could not eat through it. The easiest way to make it is out of a 4x4 about a foot and a half long, and make sure the handles are securely attached to the body.

I emphasized the possibility of the disappearing stock when I used to teach people how to joint a board that is up to twice as wide as the jointer while I removed the blade guard. Further I offered them the technique of using a shop made temporary blade guard that covers the blades and attaches to the fence with a couple of clamps.

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