Re: Bordering on OT but a good story

Barry Irby
That's what I ask myself on almost every tool, not just the bandsaw. Where would my hands be if the wood suddenly disappeared?

I got my RAS when I was about 15. They were all the rage. (You can buy one form that era now at an estate sale or tool auction for less than $50.) I tried ripping a little stick on mine. Suddenly the stick was gone and I could smell lacquer thinner. Baffling. The stick went like an arrow through a gallon can of Lacquer thinner and shattered on the block wall beyond it. Did not even knock the can over.

In high school shop a year before I got there the teacher was trying to explain and demon straight why you don't joint short pieces. The wood disappeared and so did the tip of his pinky. I was not there but I knew the kids who were and their description was so vivid none of us ever made that mistake.

Lots of ways for wood to disappear.

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