Re: Applied edge trimming jig.

Barry Irby
I like it. Clever. I have seen attachments for routers to allow you to do this. A "Base" hanging below the base of the router and at 90* so the shaft of the router would be horizontal while in operation. Did not like them because they seemed awkward. You would have to carefully support the weight of the router and not allow it to tip or sag. If the router sagged it would dig into the work and I think the strip would be much more likely to tear out or splinter along the grain.

I have set up a somewhat similar operation to cut off chair legs. With the router in the router table, in my case, the wing of my TS, raise the bit the thickness of a credit card. Place the credit card (room key card) with a semicircle or notch in the side so that about a quarter of the bit is exposed and stick it in place with double stick tape. With the chair or stool sitting on the table not the longer legs. Slide one of them past the router bit and then onto the plastic card. With a little care you can take off the thickness of the card. Then you can do the other longer leg if necessary. ( I call this a vertical jointer) Works better than it seems and leaves you with a leg cut off parallel to the floor. (I know the hand tool guys just had a heart attack and are madly searching for the red ink for their quill pens to tell me I am wrong.)

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