Hand Plane metal repair questions

Barry Irby
Many posts abut fettling planes, thanks for all the help.

Two current questions....

On one of the block planes the sole was badly cast. One rear corner of the sole it way high. And area the size of a thumb nail or more and maybe rolled up a 1/16", It would require removing so much metal it might weaken the sole to the point of ruining it. Is there an alternative? Leave it alone? Does not seem it would reduce the functionality. Cover the area with JB Weld and flatten that? Ideas?

On a Stanley 60 1/2 block plane, the throat is adjustable. My "throat adjusting lever" is a crescent slot with a handle and a pivot pin. The pin is missing. It would be a rod about 3/16" or maybe a 1/2" long and about 1/16" in diameter. I could scrounge up a piece of metal, a nail or the shank of a drill bit. The question is how to fasten it? It's going to be under some lateral stress. Peen it? JB Weld? (heretic) What?

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