Re: Speaking of Planes....Parts????

Barry Irby
Thanks, that's a great offer.

I sent you my address by E-mail.

The plane thing has become fascinating to me.

For example, I flattened the bottoms of them and then watched Paul Sellers video again and realized I did not leave the iron snapped in but retracted. He claims the pressure of snapping the cap iron in may warp the sole. I will snap them in and check again.

Part of this is I am having a hard time believing a thousandth of an inch can possibility matter much. OTOH, you are trying to take a shaving that may be a thousandth of and inch , so maybe it does.

I can tell you the planes are a lot better than they were and a lot sharper.

Thanks for the parts. (Knowing me, I will have to try to resurrect your planes also.)

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