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Wiley Horne
“ I might use them more and enjoy them if they were perfectly turned and sharpened to abut 50,000 grit. Perhaps the magic reveals itself at near perfection levels.”

Hi Barry,

That’s a great story about the pub table and the coffin plane! Am sure you could have done without the tree falling on the house.

We have a good many 50,000g discussions on the other side. Which usually is about taking a perfectly practical idea and seeing how fine we can grind it. The tiny little buffed edge (Unicorn, pat. pending) turns out to be very practical, at the basic level shown in Winston’s video.

Getting back to planes, near-perfection is the enemy of the good. You got that coffin smoother working, and you can get this Craftsman one going too. To begin, say the first goal is to take a 3-foot straight stick of something, put it edge-up on your bench and get a full length shaving with the Craftsman. Like if you were straightening a stile. That’s the ‘good’. The plane will do that if the front of mouth sits flat down on the stick, and the blade is sharp. That’s it. It will feel better if you keep a candle on your bench and wax the sole.

Try it. Will it do it? If it won’t, we’re into diagnostics—what does it do? Will it start a shaving but not finish it? Will it stay in the cut, or no? We go from there.

Once you get Goal 1 down, Goal 2 is to get the plane where it will sing a nice song for you. That involves a very sharp blade and we get into hollow grinding the iron, which Bill T. will explain. If you will do the hollow grind, I expect you can hone using the stones or whatever you used on the coffin smoother.

Wiley.....talking too much

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