Barry Irby
A week or two ago I drawn into the discussion on the Quiet Side about Unicorn Edges. I came in very late and could not bring myself to read enough to understand the term. Was the term unicorn meant to be the elusive edge no one had ever really seen or perhaps a convex edge like a horn?

The problem is I am basically a power tool guy burning electrons and the hand tool concepts though admired only pass through my head occasionally. I have accumulated a few planes and it occurred to me I might use them more and enjoy them if they were perfectly turned and sharpened to abut 50,000 grit. Perhaps the magic reveals itself at near perfection levels.

I made a large oval QSWO pub table for my son from a tree that fell on a house I own and he helped me put the roof on. I have a coffin plan I have had for over fifty years as a wall hanger but never used. I sharpened it an put a lot of camber on the blade and planed the top with it. You can feel the ripples. Nice effect. I may have overdone it a bit.

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