Re: Thanks Jim and Wiley.....& another question

Barry Irby
I saw Rob Cosman using the Trend diamond plate. Also James Hamilton, AKA Stumpy Nubs. Cosman's latest thing is to use the 1000 grit side on a slightly dull blade (touch up) for a few seconds and then jump to a 8000 grit stone to create a micro bevel If I recall correctly. He sometimes uses the 300 side to flatten the 8000 grit stone.

I am stumbling around in the great morass of half truths and sponsored misdirection trying to find the Holey Grail of quick and easy sharpening. There seems to be a subculture of sharpening with no real end in sight.

I would hollow grind if that were a good thing to do. I have a 6" Rockwell grinder with an attachment made for the purpose. I have finagled a way to sharpen planer knives on it.

What I really want to do is get my planes and chisels in fundamentally good condition and then use them, occasionally touching up the edges. Trying to sort out where 1/1000" actually matters.

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