Trend diamond plate

> As an extra question....I see several YouTubers using a Trend diamond plate. Well over a hundred bucks. There are many cheaper ones on Amazon. Is it worth the difference? What would you recommend?

I have a Trend diamond plate. It looks suspiciously similar to generic ones (there's not even any branding on it!), but costs 3-4 times as much.

The one thing that's good about the Trend is that they have some sort of guarantee about flatness. The one that I bought originally didn't meet the standard. I think it was convex .002"-.003" on one side, concave the same amount on the other. I got Trend to replace it, but it did involve mailing it to them, which of course requires more time and money.

I doubt the generic ones provide any sort of guarantee about flatness.

Relatedly, the people at my local Woodcraft store said that if I bought a diamond plate from them (I think they had both DMT and Trend), they'd be happy to let me check it for flatness first.

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