Re: Fettling Hand plane question

Wiley Horne
Hi Barry,

Dropped in from HandTools. That plane will not work right until the leading edge of the mouth is sitting right down on the work. Hard to predict exactly what trouble it will give if the mouth is in the air, but usually it’s erratic. Like it may be hard to keep it in the cut—run the blade out enough to pick up a shaving, and it will first dig in, and then lose its bite and jump out of the cut. Or it may plane a hump in the middle of the stick, by getting a bite only at the ends of the stick.

Long coarse file used lengthwise or on a long diagonal (alternating direction) is a fast way to remove metal. It’s miserable work. Then refine with sandpaper on a granite plate or on thick glass. Did I mention it’s miserable? But the plane will sing once the mouth is hard down on the work.


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