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Bill Tindall, E.Tn. being "Cut & Dried". There is a boggling amount of information available on woodworking. Where to go, what to believe? Rare to find a professional woodworker that takes the time to write about what they know. What they know are things that are efficient and reliable, assured, or they would not remain a professional woodworker.

I was in a Woodcraft store some years ago as a class was letting out from their classroom venue. I heard the instructor earnestly describing to a student the importance of ripping wide boards into narrower boards and then regluing to make "stable" panels. I thought about the occasional wide board we would get in a pack of some lumber and how I set them aside for someone building furniture rather than commercial cabinetry where the "glued up strips" look was expected. I thought about this bogus advice applied to one of these precious boards and I was ready to choke the instructor.

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