That's the problem

David Yoho
Tara, it's hard to know how to advise someone without knowing their level of experience or aptitude to the task.

That's the problem with giving advice for posts like this and why I seldom respond. Given the way the post is written, I get the feeling this person has little to no experience with refinishing or restoring. While a response like Mark gave is good, it may well have gone over the poster's head.

A couple of things to consider -
1. we can't see the piece to begin to formulate a cure

2. we don't know the poster's skill or experience level

3. most likely depending on age and condition, there's likely to be loose veneer that will need to be dealt with the proper way.

The best thing I could advise is if one lacks the experience, skill, and tools for a proper job like this, your best bet is to have someone who does have a look at it.

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