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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
Several years ago the Scientific Community & Media (both mistaken or lying as usual) stated that Mercury was accumulated in the Human body and even casual exposure would build up to a toxic dose over years!
They also stated Swordfish (and maybe other fish) would have lethal results if you ate them regularly.

This caused many upper east coast fishermen to go broke some lost their boats and even homes!

A year or so later the Smithsonian Institution announced that they had a project that had been going on for years whereby volunteers gave a tissue sample periodically during their life for analysis and testing. When they tested the Mercury in these samples they found the percentage of Mercury increased AND DECREASED during their life.

Of course little of this was broadcast so guess the public still trust the "scientists". During my life I have seen the Media almost cause panic due to the dire warnings of said "professionals". These include Love Canal (PCB's).
Ozone hole (cost billions to chance just the Air Conditioners), try investigating this now!
Climate Change (YEP it is a periodic happening last recorded before the Industrial age)
There are others like the warning during the start of the automotive and railroad starts about "man will die if they travel at XXX speed!

St my age I take everything broadcast or foretold with a Salt shaker full of salt. Scientists rely on being "published" to retain their employment and/or obtain grants so I am sure not all are real careful about proving their predictions!!

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