neither were chemists, more on mercury

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
In fact Newton devoted a considerable part of his life to pursuing Alchemy in spite of the fact that it was largely discredited by his time.

Mercury chloride was the only treatment known for syphilis until the discovery of antibiotics. It was an essential ingredient of the Lewis and Clark expedition "first aid kit". The men did more than hike and hunt.

Dental amalgam is silver plus mercury, which renders the mercury essentially insoluble. If it isn't dissolved it isn't toxic.

On the topic of birds, we have gobs of blue birds, maybe as a result of the dozen houses we have out. We eat on the back porch when weather is pleasant. The blue birds station in the maple trees. When a bug moves on the lawn below they swoop down and snag it. Above the swallows hunt the skies. It is like watching an air show.

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