The great scientist Robert Hooke drank mercury *LINK*
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Keith Newton
As well as some elixir that he made using iron, thinking it would improve his health. While reading about Isaac Newton, I think I read Hooke may have gone a bit loony in the end. I'm not trying to downplay the hazards of this or any chemical.

However, I'm like many of you, I also had a little pill bottle of mercury as a kid, and can recall chasing flies around our garage pumping one of those sprayers that looked like a bicycle pump with a can crossways on the end. I was trying to shoot them out of the air, while I followed along running through the cloud of DDT.

It took Rachel Carson writing "Silent Spring" to bring to awareness the real hazard from DDT was not to us, but to our avian friends that we share this planet with. We almost lost our National symbol the Bald Eagle as well as others like Peregrine Falcon.

The chemical industry through advertising over the long period of our lives has lulled us into believing that we need to poison all the lowly creatures that live in our grass and eat the leaves of our trees. But never do they mention that if you kill all the insects either by poisoning them, or choosing plants from another part of the world that our local insects can't digest, we are creating a "barren food deserts" for our birds that need those insects to feed their babies.

We are loosing 4% of our migratory birds each year. Almost all bird species feed their young caterpillars that need the plants they evolved with to exist. Think about that for a minute. That is 40% fewer than just ten years ago. Will you miss those species when they are gone?

Here is a great video done by Doug Tallamy author of "Bringing Nature Home"if you haven't read his book.

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