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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Isn't mercury one of the heavy metals that accumulates in the body over time? It is not a one way street. If the dose is accumulative the result will be accumulative. When the dose stops the body slowly begins to be rid of the mercury, but the ridding is slow.

It is absorbed through the skin. Some mercury compounds are. Methyl mercury is a bad one. It goes through the skin barrier promptly and death is certain if the dose is sufficient. Mercury metal does not go through the skin. But it has a vapor pressure. If enclosed in a room with mercury over a long time enough mercury could enter the body by vapor to become toxic. Miners recovering gold by heating a mercury amalgam to drive the mercury off die young.

Infrequent, short term contact is not sufficient to produce a harmful dose; but with long term or frequent contact mercury will accumulate and produce a toxic, potentially fatal dose.

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