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William Duffield
Parathion is very nasty stuff. My dad was a greenskeeper, and was poisoned by it, and it took him a long time to recover, but it was probably tobacco that eventually killed him.

Malathion, OTOH, is a relatively safe and effective insecticide. IIRC, when sprayed on the environment, it usually completely breaks down in about a week in the applications where I have used it, mostly for killing scale insects. Read and follow the instructions. It's petroleum based carriers, however, can stay around for years, e.g., in the floor of my garden shed.

I have friends who grew ornamentals commercially, They had a dog (a littermate of one of my Goldens) who died of paw cancer caused by one or more of the pesticides they sprayed in their greenhouses. You just couldn't convince him that he needed to wear his Tyvek booties, any more than you can convince a lot of people nowadays to wear their COVID-19 masks.

Something even scarier: Borax used to sponsor a radio and TV show called "DEATH Valley Days." Curiously, all the former Death Valley Days hosts have died. That may have something to do with the twenty GMO equines they were exposed to. When it comes right down to it, the only issue is the definition of "modified" in vivo or in vitro.

While my friends were putting together models of such things as T. rex, a YF12A, nuclear powered aircraft carriers' and other WMDs, my favorite was a 20 Mule Team (regrettably, only a scale model, in polystyrene :( ).

If you are looking for some real Borax Wagon woodworking content, try Engel's Coach Shop:

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