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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
Well, I'm 79 years old, worked with and around chemicals most of my life. I was an Engineer at an Emerson Electric company (Mallory Controls) for 39 years. We used Triclorathane 111, Trichloroethylene, Acetone etc. in huge quantities (large underground storage tanks). Handled a LOT of various epoxies in 5 gal. bucket quantities.

I also remember as a youth using a lot of DDT spraying for flies. I worked in Gas stations as a second job in my younger days - repaired a lot of leaking brake wheel cylinders, often this required cleaning the brake shoes (asbestos linings) by use of a wire wheel on a grinder until all glaze was removed. I also used flexible rolls of asbestos to coat furnace chimney pipes & seal chimneys for several years, had a "paste I mixed as an adhesive".

When I was about 20 I worked at a electric motor repair shop, we repaired large motors and manual motor starters, often changing the PCB laden oil in the starters. We kept a bucket of it and washed our hands in in to remove grease!

I and my wife raised 6 children (his / hers and ours) so had a large garden, I used Sevin often to kill pests - remember using some other pesticides but can't recall their names. At the same time I used quite a bit of Roundup and equivalent to kill grass and weeds in and around our gravel driveway.

As a lad I can remember saving Mercury in a bottle and coating pennies with it as well as holding it in my hand!

During all the above I never owned or used any kind of protection - guess I was just lucky as I am still fairly healthy!

Can't say I would recommend anyone doing any of the above today, but sure do think some of the "scare tactics" lawyers are using today are way overblown!

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