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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Obviously not in TN. Potato beetles eat potatoes, bean beetles eat beans, corn borers corn ears, cabbage worms eat cabbage, Jap beetles eat everything, everything eats peaches and apples, there are aphids, white flies, etc. Fungus attacks almost everything as soon as it gets warm. Without chemical warfare you would not have a productive garden or orchard here. This time of year the orchard is sprayed every 2nd week or I would not harvest any fruit. Other stuff as necessary.

The hazards of pesticides and fungicides can be assessed and ones provided that present no risk when used according to label. Others don't trust the data and taylor what they grow, where they live, to what survives there. The rest they buy that succeeds with the necessity of chemical warfare. Organic is a recent phenomena; somehow people thrived before it was available.

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