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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I know for a fact that exterminating companies sprayed this stuff inside residential houses. How I know for sure is that certain carpets discolored from contact with it. I was involved in proving malathion had been sprayed. It was easy to detect a decomposition product but not the malathion itself.

Someone moved a small refrigerator into an office space. The frig had been stored. It had a family of snakes in residence. Upon starting the frig the snakes came out. Extermination was called by someone. The exterminator arrived about the time I arrived. He began spraying the perimeter of the room with malathion. The odor is characteristic. Curious I asked why he were spraying. "Snakes" was the reply. Some quick conferring and then negations with the extermination worker resulted in the office occupants swearing that they would report the office had been treated to their satisfaction if the worker would just leave with his stinky spray. The snakes were caught and released except for the one inadvertently flattened by a chair roller.

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