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Brad Chenoweth
The street that the machine shop I work in is located on is residential on one side of the street. About 25 or so years ago, an older fellow from the neighborhood, which was/is somewhat depressed, was just trying to help out his neighbors. He sprayed the interiors of several houses just across the street from us with some concentration of malathion to kill pests. The local authorities somehow got wind of it. Hazmat teams showed up. An investigation ensued, charges were filed, and the old fellow was sent to prison, where he died. The houses were declared hazardous sites by the EPA. The residents were moved out and the homes razed.
Fast forward to about 10 years ago, and Habitat For Humanity acquired the properties and built new homes on the sites, which are occupied today. Go figure...
I don't know what they use these days, but for decades the county sprayed with malathion at night during the warmer months to combat mosquitoes.

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