toxic fears

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Borate is used in laundry detergent. My wife has two boxes and she adds a table spoon full for undies and the like. Look for it in the laundry section. I add it around my apple trees to compensate for a boron deficiency in my soil. There is no risk from using it on lumber or on your undies.

Malathion is widely used as an insecticide. Most of the fruit and vegetables you have eaten were sprayed with it (less common now to be replaced by other stuff). It was widely used by exterminating companies for indoor pests. I buy it by the gallon here on the farm, 50% concentration. It decomposes to other stuff. When the stink is gone the malathion is gone. Its volatility is why I thought to use it for fumigating. The decomposition products were often found on carpet samples that were analyzed for various customer complaints.

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