Re: Successful PP beetle eradication from lumber

John K Jordan
To anyone trying this my comment is to exercise suitable caution when using malathion. Wear good cartridge respirators. Malathion can result in respiratory, gastrointestinal, and neurological effects. The last time I used it (about 30 years ago) I felt queasy for hours afterwards, sort of felt like my insides were loose or dissolving.

As for penetration of fumes consider that ash wood has large earlywood pores. For a more complete test compare other species with small pores, perhaps maple. Should record the temperature inside the bag too. And the species of PPB.

If the vapor is penetrating the wood, an interesting variation would be with the wood in a pressurized chamber.

I've observed a similar result of hundreds of PPBs dead in the bottom of a lidded tub full of PPB infested maple turning blanks, no chemicals, no heat. The lid was not air tight but sealed fairly well.

As an aside, a few weeks ago I watched PPBs bore into the end grain of what I think is a sourwood log, freshly cut. The next day there were dozens of PPB-sized stacks of self-supporting frass sticking straight out horizontally from the end grain of each end of the log, each stack about 1" or longer. These frass "sticks" persisted until the first good rain. (I missed my chance at an interesting photo.) I'll gladly donate the log to any credentialed PPB scientist or wannabe.


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