Re: interesting chance for a study

C Pearson
It is my understanding that borate kills PBB by making wood indigestible to the beetle. I think the confusion is that there are two different products that are commonly sold. Tim-Bor treats the outside of lumber and prevents infestations, but will not kill an established infestation. Bora-Care has a glycol base that carries the borate solution deep into a board and will kill any bugs that eat that wood. Both of these products are sold by a company called Nisus.

How deeply the borate solution is carried into the wood impacts how effective it is against an established infestation. If memory serves Bora-Care is diluted with water before application. The more the glycol solution is diluted, the less deeply it penetrates (and carries the borate with it). For example, 4/4 lumber can be treated with a more diluted solution than 8/4 lumber.

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